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HOW TO START? (Part I : Overview of the services)

0- How to connect to your account?:

From the following page, you will have possibility to login:

When you first connect to WuBook, you will arrive to the page of your Profile:


1- Overview of the services:


To manage the Booking Engine and the Channel Manager

Go to the help section of WuBook for more info



The Property Management System (to manage the planning of reservation, edit invoices for youe customers, etc..)

Go to the help section of ZAK for more info


To get your invoices and to manage the renewals of all your services

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To fulfill the information of your property (adress, etc..)

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To change the password of your account. Set a password for the management of credit cards.

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To monitor your competitors.

Go to the help section of Rate checker for more info


 To get information on our WuBook APP

Go to the help section of WuBook App for more info




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