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HOW TO START? (Part II : Booking Engine and Channel Manager)

To start with the set up of the Booking Engine and/or the Channel Manager, you have to follow the steps below:

 1- Update Your Property Details

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2-Set A Password To Decrypt Credit Card Details 

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For security reason, we have to encrypt the Credit card data of the customers fro reservations done on our Booking Engine and also for the CC data provided by each channel (OTA).


3- Create A Room in WuBook

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Go to WuBook:

And to:




If you have a double room created and you want to sell also this "double room" for 1 person or for 3 persons, you need to create virtual rooms!

If DB (double room) is present, you will create DB1 and DB3 as virtual rooms of DB: they will share the same availability (because it is the same room), but have different price and different caracteristics.

More info in: virtual rooms


4- Edit Availability / Prices / Restrictions: TABLA and SYTAR

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2 tools (Tabla and Sytar) are used to update the Availability / Prices / Restrictions of your rooms.

They are available on the right edge of the screen:

- TABLA: the daily editor. A calendar that is the reference for the data of booking engine adn channel manager

- SYTAR: the intensive editor. A tool to update the TABLA in an easy way: You don't have to chanege the values day by day (like in the Tabla), you can directly define a period to define.


After changes in the Sytar, please check in the Tabla that what you wanted is correctly introduced. Tabla is the reference.



5- Create Rate Plans / Create Virtual Rate plans

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WuBook supports multiple rate plans. In other words, one room can be offered in various different price options.

The typical examples are: Non Refundable, Early Booking, Special Offers, etc.

By default there is a WuBook Parity Rate Plan which corresponds to your standard price.


RATES / Plans

There are 2 types of Rate Plans: Daily and Intensive.

Daily: you can edit them in Tabla and Sytar

Intensive: You set the value once, then the price is the same during the whole year. 


There are also Virtual Rate Plans that prove extremely useful when managing different rate plans.

The virtual plans are linked to an other rate plan with a relation like "-20%" or "+15€"

For example you can have a virtual plan "Non refundable" = "WuBook Parity" - 15%  



6 A - Use the channel manager WOODOO to connect your OTAs (, ..)

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Once you have the rooms created and updated with correct price availability and restrictions, you are ready to connect your WuBook account to the corresponding OTA accounts that you already have.

Go to:

WOODOO / Channels


6 B - Use the WuBook Online Reception (Booking Engine)

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HOW to integrate the Booking Engine on your website

On the right edge of the screen, you will find the icon to open the Booking Engine (or Online Reception) 


By clicking on it, it will open a new window:


7 - Check your reservations / Introduce a Direct (phone) Reservation

You can introduce a direct reservation (walk-in or by phone) in the system to update the availability.

To do so, please go to:



You can also see the list of the reservations received from:

RESERVATIONS / Reservations







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