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Virtual Room. What is it for? How to create one?

What is a virtual room?

A virtual room is used when you want to sell an existing with different option and price.

A virtual room will share its availability with its "mother room"(= a basic room previously defined).

A typical example is when you have already a "Double Room": You can create a virtual room "Double room for single use" as a virtual room of the "Double room"



To sum up:

If you want to sell the double room for occupancy 1 person, 2 persons, and 3 persons, you will have:

- Double room for 2 person (DBL2) defined as a basic room (with default occupancy =2)


-Double room for 1 person (DBL1) defined as a virtual room of DBL2 , (with default occupancy =1)

-Double room for 3 person (DBL3) defined as a virtual room of DBL2 , (with default occupancy =3)



How to create a virtual room?



Because a virtual room depends on a mother room, first of all you need to create a Room..



After you have to click on the "+" on the right to edit the parameters of this virtual room.

The first parameter is the "Mother Room": the virtual will have the same availability as its mother room.

Then, you will find the same options as for the basic rooms.



How it appears in the Tabla? in the Booking Engine?

In the Tabla:


In the Booking Engine:



How to link prices or restrictions of a virtual room to its mother room?


If for example the price of the double room for 1 person is always 20€ cheaper than the double room for 2, then you can use the "Anchorage" option to link the prices of both rooms!

The same can be done with restrictions, to apply the same minimum stay conditions in the virtual room as in the mother room.

To get the anchorage option, please click first on the code of the room:

Then, click on the "+"

And you will see the following options:

In this example, the room selected (DBL1) will have its price anchored with the price of room "Dbl".

The difference will be -20€.

The restrictions will be linked also to room Dbl: if we put a MinStay = 2 in room Dbl, it will apply also on the room DBL1.


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