Can not access to WuBook?

If you can not log into WuBook, maybe you forgot your password, your username or there are other technical problems.

If you forgot your password

To reset your password just visit this link:

and click "Password Recovery". Or, directly, visit this link:

then specify your username: in a few minutes you should receive an email message that contains all the instructions to reset your password.

If you have forgotten your username

You must contact us. Before revealing private information, we have to verify your identity. Contact us as soon as possible and we will help you.

If you have other problems

Other problems are extremely rare. First of all, you should be sure that your browser uses cookies because WuBook authentication requires it. You can also make the following checks:

  • Try to reset your password as described above
  • Try to use another browser

If you still cannot access to WuBook, please contact us.

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