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You can send customers who book online, after their stay, a feedback request form. The feedback received has a double value: every review is an important input for your business and, if they are positive, you can benefit from publishing them (optionally) on your Online Reception, or even on your website.


If you want, you can delete some feedbacks. We´ll explain later how to do it.


Enable feedbacks requests

To make WuBook send the request, you must enable the system feedback. To do this, you must visit the section:

Feedbacks / Settings

Here you can choose many options. Here's an accurate description:

Activate the feedbacks: if enabled, WuBook, will send via email, and after the stay, an invitation to your customers to be able to express an opinion about your services.

Publish feedbacks: if enabled, the feedbacks of customers are shown during the online booking process on your site, in the Online Reception.

Feedbacks from the channels: When enabled (optional), the invite is sent even to customers who have booked through OTAs. Consider that many OTA already provide the request for feedback. Therefore, when enabling this option, consider that your customer might get a request from you and a request directly from the portal.

Response required: by default, customers do not have to answer any questions. The questions that are not answered are not counted on the average. If, instead, you want the customers to respond to every question, enable this option.

You can prepare a welcome message to your customers. One for each language supported by the booking engine. If you leave a language blank, the message does not appear.


Setting contexts and questions

Since each business offers different services, you can customize the questionnaire that is submitted to the customer. The questionnaire is divided into contexts, and each context contains classic questions. Each question can be enabled or not. Only applications enabled will be proposed to the customer.


Manage reviews

The feedbacks received can be reviewed on section:

    Feedbacks / Feedbacks

You can respond to the customer who has left the feedback.

You can resend the questionnaire if, for example a client has completed it wrong.

Finally, you can delete a certain percentage of feedbacks (10%). So, having received 30 feedbacks, it will be possible to delete 3.


Publish feedbacks on your site

If you have some great reviews, perhaps you want to display them on your website as a free and effective promotional tool.

To publish the reviews on your site, visit the section:

    Feedbacks / Widget


After specifying a few options (language, theme of booking and portrait or landscape orientation), you can get an HTML code to insert the widget wherever you like on your website.



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