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Invoicing Details and Information


Edit your invoicing details (tax information, like the name of the company and address) so that the invoices issued by WuBook are correct. To change your billing information please continue reading:

Unique Property

If you have a single property, the easiest way to do it is to specify your details in the first payment order. Once specified, the data is saved for future payments.

Unique Property or Multi Property with the same invoicing details

In case you have a single property or more properties, all with the same invoicing details, you can specify your invoicing details on the Auth Factory:

Once on the system, on the right you can find the "Manage Your Avatar” option. On the menu within you will see the "Your Information" option. Here you can specify your legal data that will be taken into account when issuing invoices.

Multi- Property with different invoicing details

If you manage many properties and each facility has different invoicing details, for each, you will need to specify on WuBook, by going to:

  Facility / Facility / Update Facility Info

Like this you can specify for each structure its own invoicing details.


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