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Google Hotel Prices Ads (GHPA)

With WuBooK you can manage a marketing campaign in Google:

  • Google Maps
  • Google Hotel Finder
  • Google plus
  • Google local universal

This service makes it possible for visitors to access your booking engine directly form the Google platform and, to do it, you do not need to subscribe to Google; you can start your campaigns directly from WuBook extranet.

Google charges WuBook directly for each click to open the booking engine made on Google. For this reason you will need to have a positive balance of Coins on your WuBook account to activate the service.

You can make a cost per click differentiation in between all different services of Google and vary costs as well per nationality of visitors – to make targeted campaigns. The visibility with which its structure appears on the service depends on the cost that you assign to each click.


The time needed from activation until you start showing on Google are of approximately 3 weeks. This is because Google updates the inventory of new enabled properties once every ten days and then there´s also some days they need for integration.

The online reception WuBook will be available on Google only for stays of up to 3 nights. For longer stays, the online reception button of WuBook will not appear.


You must assign a cost per click: Google requests a base cost or Bid Rate, which can be a fixed amount in Euro or in percentage rate of the "best price" offered by WuBook. (This is not the price offered for a reservation but the hook price shown before actually opening the online reception from Google).

Base Cost

The price of a click that opens the online reception from Google will be the base cost multiplied by the coefficient assigned to the Google service, multiplied by the coefficient assigned to the country of the user. Once the daily spending reaches its cap the service stops for the day.

The final price of the click, taking into account the previous formula, will need to be of at least one euro.

Multiplier by Service

In this window, the property can set in which rate to appear on Google searches and what with what "weight". You can set 0 if you do NOT want to appear, 1 when you want to appear at Bid Rate, and 2 or more when you want to give more weight to your visibility in Google.

Multiplier by country

This is the last step of the configuration process.

Every 24 hours Google sends to WuBook the daily expense report for clicks received, at that time WuBook charges each property the cost of Google campaign plus a 4% commission from the property´s Coins balance. The report also shows cases in which the property was visible but has not been clicked, in these cases the cost is 0.


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