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How to Manage Reservations on status Waiting For Confirmation?


Deferred reservations or on pending confirmation are requests of availability and not confirmed (guaranteed) reservations. The availability though is held anyways so that if the hotelier accepts the reservation the room is available.

These types of reservations require the intervention of the hotelier in the following cases:

  • Confirm or decline the reservation manually: You can action from the details section of the reservation. The customer is automatically notified by email. In case of refusal availability gets increased back to your allotment automatically. Warning! In case of manual confirmation, the reservation will remain without credit card details for guarantee.

  • Request the credit card at a later time: If you need a credit card as guarantee for the reservation do not accept the reservation manually. Instead send them a link on an email where they can enter cc details securely. This link can be found in the reservation details page. Once the client enters his cc details there the reservation status will change to confirm automatically.

  • Request other way of guarantee before a manual confirmation: If yo udo not acceot credit cards you can also request a guarantee by bank transfer or money order and, once the transfer has been received you can manually confirm the reservation.

  • Automatic Confirmation/Rejection of Reservations: WuBook can automatically confirm or reject deferred reservations after a certain amount of time of its reception. You can configure this from the reservations configuration page.






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