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WuBook has been certified as a Prenium Partner by TripAdvisor, now enabling TripConnectTM instant Booking, thanks to Fount technology.

TripConnect instant booking allows to independent hotels, inns and bed & breakfasts to get directs and intermediary bookings through 2 systems:

  • TripConnect CPC (cost per click)
  • TripConnect Instant Booking (operative only in North America and UK)


How enable Fount

If you did not do so for other services so far, please connect to Manage/Fount


You should enable Fount (on the Fount tab) by completing all data requested:

  • Geographical information

  • Property information

  • Services provided


WuBooK is ok: to continue, whatever service you need, please go to the TripAdvisor extranet and set WuBook as IBE (Internet Booking Engine).

Enabled WuBooK as IBE, just choose the TripConnect service to enable: WuBooK will automatically notice the service qualification and will send you an e-mail to know that the TA Fount activation is ready.

The same thing in case of TA deactivation: WuBooK will automatically notice the service deactivation.

Therefore, when you has enable the fount service, you don't need to do anything: WB will automatically notice the program Trip Connect on TA and begin to hand down to TA your doble rooms availabilities and best prices. If you want to stop your rooms sale on TA (side WuBooK), you can use the manual block, that will send to TA availability 0 for all your rooms and for every period.

ATTENTION: the WB manual block cannot interrupt the TA connection but simply send availability 0. If you need to interrupt the Trip Connect campaign, you have to do it from your TA account, otherwise TA could continue to charge you for the service!


TripConnect CPC

This is the easier promotional model. If a customer wants to reserve rooms, clicking on your offer, he will be automatically redirected to your personal direct booking area on WuBooK, producing a cost, the "Cost per Click" exactly, determined by TripAdvisor.  

Thanks to TripConnect "Cost per click", it will be possible to create a promotional campaign pointing out the prices on TripAdvisor; if customers want reserve rooms, clicking on your offer, is automatically redirected to your WuBooK online reception, to complete the booking and the payment.

All the TripConnect cost-per-click prices are point out for all customers visiting TripAdvisor.

These are the links for TripAdvisor activation and configuration:


TripConnect cost-per-click activation
TripConnect cost-per-click configuration


TripConnect Instant Booking (only for USA and UK)

The “instant booking” feature allows TripAdvisor users (connected from Usa and UK) to book rooms in a property, without disconnecting from the web site; the customer will pay for the service directly on TripAdvisor even if the reservation had been made by the WuBooK online reception.  

The reservation is then forwarded to the Hotel, B&B or small hotel by using the WuBooK booking technology

This is a very efficient system, for all independent properties, to take advantages of all the  potentialities of the biggest reviews portal in the world, increasing the direct booking and maintaining a permanent relationship with your own customers, from the start of reservation.  

These are the links for TripAdvisor activation and configuration:


TripConnect Instant Booking activation
TripConnect Instant Booking configuration



To help with the mapping between your account in Wubook and in TripAdvisor, please check if there are differences between the property data in the WuBook account and the property data in TripAdvisor. Please, make sure that the hotel name, address and other details of the property are identical in both.

Please note that TripAdvisor updates the inventory of WuBook properties once a day.

The cost of the service is divided in two parts: WuBook charges 1€ per reservation received from TripAdvisor.

Properties pay the TripAdvisor commission only after guests completed their stay. TripAdvisor costs are agreed and contracted by the property directly with TripAdvisor during the sign up process. 


If the rates you’re providing are not so competitive compared to other distribution channels used by your property, your rates may not appear in the “Book on TripAdvisor” placement.

See more at:



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