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How to activate a Non Refundable offer?


Special offers can be activated directly on the online reception to potentiate direct sales on your website. They can also be activated on OTAs connected to the channel manager.

Non-refundable Offer on your site

First you need to add an additional Cancellation Policy, one with the specific clauses of the non-refundable offer. (Facility > Policies)

After that, you need to create the special offer and assign to it the new cancellation policy you just created. Like that, everyone who makes a reservation of your non-refundable offer will get the non-refundable cancellation policy instead of your master policy.

Non-refundable Offer on a portal

Typically, in booking portals, the offers are defined through multi-rates. These are price lists associated to certain sales conditions. For example, the Non-refundable rate is typically the list linked to the "non-refundable" policy. The channel manager WooDoo allows you to define the price of each rate. The cancellation policy cannot be configured in the portals via XML from a channel manager so it must be configured directly on the OTA.

Once the rate is created and linked to its policy in the portal you will need to reconfigure the channel in the channel manager WooDoo to connect the new rate to its corresponding rate plan and restrictions plan in WuBook.


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