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With WuBook you can manage your trivago campaigns and the booking engine WuBook will also be visible on trivago.

To configure the service, you need to visit the section:

Manage / Fount / Trivago

To start all you need is a positive number of coins in WuBook and configure the campaign in different countries by assigning a profile; Normal Profile rather than the High Profile.

The cost is per click and it's what´s shown on the configuration page of WuBook plus the 4% marked up by WuBook.

Once the service is activated, there are time frames that technicians from TriVaGo need to index the structure. These waiting times, which can reach up to 15 days, do not depend on WuBook.

To disable the Trivago Ads in a specific market, simply select "-" and save.

Trivago positions the Ads, depending on the price and only in case of price parity between two properties favors the investment.

Use of coins

Trivago contacts WuBook with the cost of clicks received once every 24 hours with a list of clicks from the previous day. WuBook checks these reports every 12 hours. So, if the campaign is disabled, there may still be charges on coins for a further 36 hours.


As wrote on the configuration Fount Trivago page and before activating the Fount, we would remember you that there are different instances of expensive costs, originates from "cost per click" (in some case even more of 100 € / per day) instead of a very low conversion percentage (about 0.4%).

Therefore, after the subscription, make certain of monitoring your costs/revenues from Trivago campagn, to disable it if they became a detriment.

Just remember that the disabling of the subscription needs even a week and that during this week you may have some costs-per-click, even if WuBooK communicates to Trivago no availabilities for your rooms property. 



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