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Set Prices, Restrictions and Availability

How to set prices / restrictions / availability of your rooms?

2 tools (Tabla and Sytar) are used to update the Availability / Prices / Restrictions of your rooms.

They are available on the right edge of the screen:

- TABLA: the daily editor. A calendar that is the reference for the data of booking engine adn channel manager

- SYTAR: the intensive editor. A tool to update the TABLA in an easy way: You don't have to chanege the values day by day (like in the Tabla), you can directly define a period to define.




Set prices / availability / restrictions of your rooms?

In the Tabla, you will have the possibility to check and set the values for different "Rates Plans" and different "Restrictions plans"

By selecting a different "Rate Plan" you will see a different price (but still the same values of restrictions")

By selecting a different "Restriction Plan" you will see a different Min Stay for example (but still the same price)

Rate plans and Restrictions plans are independent. (later a combination of "Rate plan + Restriction Plan" will be used to associate with the OTAs rates)


Once you select an other rate plan or an other restriction plan you have to click on "Load":


To move in the calendar:

 : to move to this date

: To choose the number of days to display (from 5 to 49)

: to come back to today..

: to move backward/forward in the calendar


Description of each option, also available by clicking on rthe help section on the top right      



In the case, you want to do an intensive update (put minimum stay for the whole year, for example), obviously the Tabla is not adequate, you will have to use the Sytar to have possibility to select the whole period to modify. 

To access the Sytar, please exit the Tabla with the "door" icon on the top right:






RATES / Sytar


Sytar is the intensive editor.

It is used to update the Tabla for a long period of time.

You will find there the same options as in the Tabla, but with possibility to select the period to modify.


Example 1 : Restriction update

If you want to set a Min stay = 3 nights on the week end days for the whole year 2018, for all your rooms: 

Example 2 : Availability update

If you want to set an availability of 2 on room "double" for the month of september: 


Example 3 : Price update

If you want to set the prices of all your rooms for the month of august, it is better to use the option "Massive price update".


After modifications are done, we recommend you to check them directly in the Tabla.


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