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The cancellation policy is a sentence that is published in the online reception during the reservation process and is displayed too on the confirmation document a guest receives (the voucher).

This text explains the consequences of not showing up at the property (no show) or late cancellation of the reservation. The hotelier indicates the penalty that will apply in such cases and how the hotel will charge the guests´credit card provided to guarantee the reservation.

To set up the cancellation policy please go to:

ONLINE RECEPTION / Basic / Cancelation policy

The master policy is the generic cancellation policy used for direct bookings WuBook. Please note that the cancellation policy is not sent to the various OTA through the Channel Manager, but applies only to direct reservations.

WuBook provides already written policies and phrases that can be selected from the Penalty type dropdown menu.

Alternatively, you can manually define in a free text field your own policy by clicking on the name (in blue) of the cancelation policy.

NOTE: When you choose to use a custom text, do not forget to select it after you edited it:


Additional cancellation policies

On a reservation WuBook must be one and only one cancellation policy. Since reservations can involve more than one type of room, you cannot assign a rule to a type of room because if there were purchase several rooms with different rules in the same reservation, you would have a reservation with many rules making it difficult to understand.

On WuBook however, you can define additional cancellation policies other than the master rule. These further rules can be applied in several ways:

  • You can match a cancellation policy to a special offer or a package. Those who book the package or the special offer will have this corresponding cancellation policy instead of the master.
  • You can assign a cancellation policy to the bids.
  • You can assign a cancellation policy to a time frame in the calendar. To the stays within that period will apply the corresponding cancellation policy rather than the master.

Calendar of cancellations: Reservations within the dates of a policy will get this policy rather than master. So you can, for example, assign a more restrictive cancellation policy (ie: non-refundable) to an interval of dates of high season.


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