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Meal Plans (Board Plans)


With WuBook is possible to offer your available rooms with different meal options: Room Only (No Board), Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board. On every room and virtual room you can define the default board plan when creating the room. Then, you could define different board options for that same room.


In the example above the client can decide whether to book a room on Room only or Full Board. When one option is selected the price of that choice gets updated and shown automatically.

Meal Plans Costs

The cost of the meal plan is define as an increase or decrease from the standard meal plan which can be a percentage or a fixed amount. If for example, the standard bed and breakfast offer of a room X is of €80 and, if the half board is a +15% then, the cost of room X in halfboard would be of 92€.


In this example the default board option is with breakfast but, the client could reserve it as Half Board, Full Board or Room Only.

Meal Plans on virtual rooms

If you´d like to enter the price of each option manually rather than with an automatic price rule, you will need to create a virtual room for each meal plan.


In this example above, the client can book the Romeo room in room only but could instead choose the Full Board option. The full board has been created as a virtual room and the price of this option has been updated manually and independently of the main room in room only terms.



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