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BIDS: Let clients propose their own price


The Bids function is a particularly sophisticated tool that interacts with the user during the booking process, offering immediate responses and conducting a fast automatic negotiation; if the user does not accept the first price offered during the booking process, perhaps because he considers it too high, Bids give him the chance to make an offer and propose the price he is willing to pay for his stay.

To access the section Bids just go in:

Facility / Bids

Reservations that are received through Bids cannot be automatically confirmed because the manager must be able to decide whether to accept the proposal or not.

The reservation comes initially as not guaranteed by credit card and so in a status of awaiting confirmation.

Management Bids

It can be completely disable or enable only for certain periods. It is however advisable to use it more and more often, because you can offer directly on your website a private agreement that can motivate users to book directly instead of using an OTA. You can also configure an automatic rejection and / or a counteroffer automatically.

Auto reject

To avoid receiving requests for reservations with price proposals unacceptable for your business, WuBook allows an automatic rejection of Bids reservations. On Bids it is possible to define a maximum percentage discount. When the user requests a discount that is excessive in relation to the limit, the booking enters but after a few minutes it sends an automatic rejection email and the reservation will automatically switch to the state refused.


With Bids you can also define a counteroffer defining the maximum discount that you are willing to offer. In the case of automatic rejection, in the notification of the rejection, it appears a link that allows the user to enter a new reservation with the discount of the counterproposal.

When booking on the online-reception WuBook, the user can decide to propose its own price for his stay.


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