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How to notify a WooDoo Misalignment?


If you have a misalignment between the values of the OTA calendar and the values on WuBook's channel manager WooDoo, the operations to do are the followings:

  • Control the data on the Extranet of the OTA (not the ones on the public page!)

  • Control if the channel is active on WooDoo (check that the gears near the icon are rotating).

  • Check that the channel is configured well, and that the rooms and the rates are well associated.

Data can sometimes be not aligned if the channel is temporarily not running, in this case you'll have to manually update the channel once it's running.

WooDoo's Channel Manager gives you a tool to control the status of the upgrades. A reason for which upgrades sometimes fail is because there is a modification of rates on the OTA: when rates are modified, it's important to reconfigure the channel.

If you contact WuBook's assistance for a misalignment, you have to specify these data:

  • Which parameter: price? Availability? Restriction?

  • Credentials: username and password to access to the extranet of the OTA.

  • Date: the time in the calendar where data is misaligned.

  • Type of room: the rooms that are not aligned.

  • Rate: just in the case that the misalignment has to do something with the prices.

Using this data, WuBook support staff can verify the situation and help you solve the problem.

On the contrary, without these data, WuBook support staff cannot operate. It's enough to verify the misalignment for one date for each room, understand the problem and do that for each room.


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