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Overbooking is when you receive a reservation when there are no more rooms available. The system WuBook / channel manager WooDoo, has among its tasks to minimize the risk of overbookings.

The system keeps your availability automatically updated on all your online selling channels. (Website and OTAs).

In case of overbooking, you can count on assistance from WuBook. In any case, there is a series of checks you can do yourself to determine the cause of overbooking:

Overbooking by a reservation from an OTA:

  • The channel is active on WooDoo?

  • You have one or more rooms in allotment on such OTA?

  • Perhaps a previous booking has been canceled?

Overbooking by a direct reservation:

  • Availability is well updated on Tabla?

  • Do you use a 3rd party system (PMS) to update your availability via xml?

Synchronization issues:

  • The channel manager updates in few minutes. There could be some unfortunate cases in which, in those few minutes, you receive two reservations for the same room and for the same period. That can create an overbooking. Such cases are extremely rare but there is no technology to avoid them.

Checking the availability:

  • In the event of overbookings that are not related to allotments, you can do an investigation on the logs yourself with the tool WuBook Monitor where you can get the historical of all the interventions that have taken place on the reservation period, in particular, you can check the last updates carried out before the reservation came in. So you can immediately see if the overbooking is due to an error on the previous availability update.


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