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How Can I Increase my direct reservations?


By direct reservations we mean reservations that come through your booking engine on your website and not those made on portals.

You can improve the effectiveness of your website based on the following factors:

Factors None Dependent on WuBook

  • The quality of services offered by the property itself.

  • The Visibility, quality, clarity of the property´s website.

  • Taking good care of the installation of the widget on the site and the use of the various promotional tools.

  • Presence on OTAs that gives visibility to the website

  • Web Reputation: reviews and ratings issued by the guests in the various portal.

  • How aware is the property of its competitors set.


Factors Dependent of WuBook

  • Creation of room categories: It is good to create room types that satisfy different occupancy demands: single, double, triple, quad, etc. However, too many options requires your potential client to spend more time choosing what is best for him reducing like this the conversion ratio. Is no coincidence that the OTAs impose limits on the number of room types you can create.

  • Descriptions: Insert multi-lingual names and descriptions that are clear for both room types and virtual rooms. Insert appropriate images.

  • Using special offers, packages and discount codes. Is a mistake to offer a deal on a portal (eg not refundable) and do not offer it on your booking engine.

  • Enabling Bids. Giving users the opportunity to get in touch with you and propose what they are ready to pay for a room can result on many more direct reservations.

  • Prices more or less responsive to local market. The same OTAs are a useful tool for assessing whether the prices offered are competitive. WuBook provides a tool WuBook Rate Checker designed for this purpose. To scan and compare prices and availability of your competitors set.


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