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Fount: technology that multiplies the opportunities

The selection of accommodation on the web is now a day’s quite complex, involving more and more specialized companies. There are obviously the OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) that every day now suffer of increasing competition from other players, who work in the hotel industry too and through numerous community comparison platforms.

There are more and more websites that offer these services to travelers; compare offers and are taken as a reference when it comes to selecting the most interesting proposals.

An example of this is TripAdvisor: many travelers begin their own research on this popular portal dedicated to comments and reviews, but also on other meta searchers or comparison sites like trivago.

Many of these portals have adopted specific business models that allow you to propose your own rooms by connecting the Booking Engine WuBook.

To access the fount sections please go to:

Manage / Fount

The Fount Technology was actually born to take advantage of the visibility that these sites offer, directing your potential customers directly to your booking engine.

On all Fount services the only price indexed will be that of your cheapest double room.

WARNING: If you do not have a Double Room created, even if the fount configuration is properly enabled, your property will not be indexed!



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