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Why WuBook ?

WuBook is a young and very strong Italian company that makes of innovation and reliability the two pillars of his philosophy.

The configuration of all the values ​​for an account WuBook allows many features and business opportunities, including:

   1. Direct selling of the rooms from the own website. This happens through a Booking Engine which is installed in the website (through a widget) and that opens a reservations path called: Online Reception. Through the Online Reception the user visiting the site can see the availability, access special offers and make a direct reservation.

   2. The distribution of data across multiple booking portals through the Channel Manager. Data entered on WuBook may in fact be distributed on the various OTA to centralize the management of online sales from WuBook. The Channel Manager will update the values ​​of availability, price and restrictions not only on the hotel booking engine, but also on all the OTA that you want to connect and will be able to automatically receive reservations from all sales Online. In this way, the availability of rooms will always be up to date on all booking portals and on your own website.

   3. The distribution of data on different "comparison" sites (or metasearcher). WuBook fount provides the technology that allows you to show your online reception also in portals that compare hotels and show reviews as TripAdvisor or as Google Hotel Finder.


The portal WuBook Documents is created to give support as an official and verified guideline that is part of the world WuBook (but can also be useful to those who want to get more general information about Web Marketing for Hotels, the marketing of hotels online or management of the tourism business).

Therefore, in addition to the "Getting Started" section, we decided to expand the available documentation, adding a number of sections which can be a preparatory form to our direct assistance about our services, in addition to a constructive discussion on the main issues of the tourism market, in particularly the hotels management. Inside you will find dedicated chapters to

Yield Marketing techniques, suggestions for optimizing online presence, both on OTAs as on various Fount Sites (TripAdvisor, Google Hotel Finder, etc.) to ensure that this documentation is varied and useful to anyone who wants to get close to WuBook and hotel management.

Follow the instructions and in a few hours you will be able to start managing you own reservations.


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