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Set a Password to decrypt Credit Card details

Both bookings arriving through the channel manager (depending on the channel), and those received from your site through the online reception (depending on model of booking that you have set in your booking) can be confirmed with a credit card guarantee.

To allow the management and decryption of credit card details, it is necessary to enable the corresponding system from ytour profil in the section "Security"on section:


To come back to your profil:

Your Profile


And then, go to the section:

Your Profile / Security


And there, click on "CREDIT CARDS"

To enable the system, you must choose a password, and repeat it.

Choose a strong password. This way you will assure more safety to your customers´ sensitive information. The system of credit cards is already very, very safe. Each credit card is encrypted with the most powerful algorithms available in the market, but choosing a strong password is a further security level.

NOTE: This password is not retroactive: in practice, if you change it or create a new one because you forgot the old, the new password will be valid only for new reservations – received after the creation of the new password and will not allow you to see credit card details of all reservations received prior. So please, please, do not forget this password.


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