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To promote your rooms on the internet, it might be a good strategy to offer them at a discounted price directly on your website by creating a Special Offer.

To create a special offer go to:

Facility / Extra

The WuBook special offer is a discount offered under special requirements and under a special cancellation policy.

When the user who books from the site, requires a stay that meets the requirements assign to this offer, the online reception offers the discount automatically.

For example the offer “3 nights” offers the discount only to those who require a minimum stay of 3 nights.


Price strikeout and discounted price: It is important the use of the special offer that gives the perception of an opportunity to take advantage of, increasing the likelihood of receiving direct bookings.

The discount can be of a percentage rate (you will have to indicate a percentage value), fixed amount (you will have to indicate a value) or you can select a rate plan of those you have created.

Warning! If you choose the discount type "fixed", the value to be discounted (perhaps indicated in €) will not be granted on the daily price but on the total of the reservation instead! This discount, therefore, will not be proportional to the amount of the reservation.

Example: if I set a fixed discount of 20€ and the client books a night at 100€ /night, the discounted price of the reservation will be €80. If the customer instead books 3 nights at 100€ /night, the discounted price of the reservation will be € 280.

(In fact, even the discount on a percentage work that way, but of course the percentage will always be proportional to the amount).

If you want to create a special offer that has a fixed daily discount, you can create a dedicated virtual plan and associate it to the offer.


The requirements configurable in the offer

  • Validity period and weekdays: only stays within the offer period will enjoy the discount.

  • Release: Is the number of days between the date of booking and the date of check-in. Only those who book in advance can enjoy the discount offer. Useful when looking to increase earlybookers.

  • Maximum advance release: To last minute offers.

  • Maximum stay: Hides the offer for those who require extended stays and show it only to those who require stays of a few days.

  • Minimum stay: Only those who require stays of a certain length will enjoy the offer.

  • Room required and required extras: To enjoy the offer is necessary that you book certain specific rooms and / or some certain supplements.


Offer Requirements. Only those who book a stay that meets the requirements of the offer, decide whether or not to enjoy it. In the example, the stay should last at least 3 nights.

It is not necessary to assign requirements. You can create an offer without requirements to publish the standard price crossed out with a discounted price in order to give the perception of the occasion of a special offer.


Not Refundable Offer

In the special offers of wubook you can specify a cancellation policy specific to this offer. Those who select the offer will get a special price and also a special cancellation policy that often is more restrictive than the standard cancellation policy.

To create the Non Refundable offer proceed as follows:

  1. You create a cancellation policy - not refundable.

  2. You can then create the special offer and assign as Policy the newly created rule.


Special offers from OTAs

Special Offers WuBook are not sent automatically to the channels connected to the channel manager. To create a special offer on the portals you need to create them directly on each OTA.




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