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Activation of the channel Manager

In order to work with WooDoo's Channel Manager, you're gonna need to check a few simple things:

  • Please, check if you have an active profile on the OTA you wish to be connected with. WuBook doesn't manage that.

  • You have to disable other channel managers you're already using. In order to do it, please contact the account manager of said website.

  • WuBook's calendar must be updated: prices, availabilities and restrictions have to be defined on the first activation of the channel.

  • The password of the credit card must be activated on WuBook's control panel.

Once you've done all of this, you can connect the channel to the Channel Manager. The activation requires several steps.

  • Acquiring the service: It's possible to acquire freely the first two months of the Channel Manager. Just click on:

Manage / WooDoo

  • Initializing the procedure: once you've acquired the channel, you'll find it in the extranet section that manages channels on WooDoo's Channel Manager. By clicking on the name of the channel, you'll find the indications that will lead you to the initialization and connection of said channel.

In this phase, our systems request an authorization to the OTA; the process might take some time, depending on the OTA.

  • Channel configuration: Once the initialization is made, it will be possible to configure the channel. The channel will download a list of the offered rooms and you can start by associating each room to a WuBook room. Then, WuBook will download the list/lists of the rates used on the OTA; to each rate, you can associate a rate plan and a restriction plan.

Remember that if you don't associate all the rooms to WuBook rooms, the channel will not be operative.
You might not have to associate every room to a WuBook room: you can offer rooms and their availabilities only on your website by associating WuBook rooms that you won't associate to any room on the OTA.

It's mandatory to connect at least one rate to a WuBook rate plan and a WuBook restriction plan.
Not all rates have to be associated: by not connecting a rate, it simply means that said rate wont be managed in our xml calls. You can use the same WuBook rate and restriction plan more than once.

By WuBook parity, we mean that you'll use the same price you use on direct selling; the same goes for standard restrictions.


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