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At WuBook, we strongly believe in human relationships and interaction and so we offer you different ways to get in touch with us should you required any assistance 7 days out of 7.

To access the support just click on the black tab on the left of the screen, which is always visible regardless of your position in the extranet and that gives you access to three possibilities:

  • Ticket: is the best way to report a problem. Once a ticket is opened it remains active and visible for the support staff at WuBook until it is solved. You can view your own questions and answers received as well as the timing of responses. A ticket that has been closed by the support at WuBook can always be reopened if the response received was incomplete or unsatisfactory.
  • Private Chat: You can request support in real time through the chat. You will always see the indication if at that time there are operators available.
  • Docs: This is a reference to the official online documentation of WuBook.


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