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A package is another way to promote your property by offering more define stays which may include activities or extras at a special prize.

You may indicate a period of stay and a room or set of rooms (NB: if the package is valid for a set of rooms, all rooms will be included in the purchase of the package) that apply in this package; can enter a description of any Extra services within the package (such as ski pass, dinner, beach access, horseback ride, etc ..); to be all offered by a unique price for the whole package.

The packages have the advantage of making the booking process with fewer steps and therefore easier to complete.

There are two types of packages: rigid and flexible

To manage packages go to the section:

Facility / extras / packages

Rigid Package

When you create a rigid package in WuBook you are offering this package to be available only for a specific period of stay. You will need to define this exact period of stay, the type of room included in the offer and a total price for the whole package. The user, will select the package and go directly to the confirmation page, skipping the dates delection and rooms selection pages. In this way, the reservation process is simplified to the minimum.

Flexible package

To create a flexible package in WuBook you need to set up, in addition to the package price and room(s), an interval of time and a number of nights. The user that books, can select the package but will need to indicate an arrival date that is included in the period of validity of the package.

Examples of rigid package

A rigid package is very convenient to propose precise stay periods, generally tied to specific holidays or events.

For example, the package "Valentine´s Day" could include a suite for two for the dates of February 13 and 14. Another example, Christmas Package week could include a family room with full board for the week December 20 to 27 with ski pass for 6 days for 4 people. Even if there was a very important event in the area (such as a trade fair, an exhibition, a party, F1), the use of the packages may be very suitable.

If instead you need to promote a two-month period of low season, you could, for example, create a flexible package for stays of three nights for a standard double room at a special price.

Publication of the list of packages on your site


You can publish on your own website a box (or widget) that dynamically shows the list of packages available. The code of the widget can be easily obtained directly from your account WuBook.

The user who visits the site can see the packages and access the online reception to book them. In particular the rigid packages allow the reservation with just one click! Showing the widget package on the site could improve the conversion rate of bookings from the website.


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