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Reservation Model means the conditions with which the user can guarantee and confirm the reservation he makes in WuBook; in practice establishes the conditions a guest needs to meet in order to confirm a reservation in your establishment through the booking engine.

You can access this section directly from the following tabs:

SETTINGS / Online Reception / Reservation Model

WuBook lets you choose between the following reservation models:

  • Deferred: with this model a credit card guarantee is not required. Like this, the reservation is not guaranteed and it is not confirmed but is in a status of awaiting confirmation. From the reservations tab you will need to accept or reject the reservation. The user who has entered a reservation knows is not confirmed and that the property is free to accept or reject. You can also request a bank transfer as a deposit before accepting reservations.
  • Real Time: this model requires the credit card to guarantee the reservation, which comes automatically as confirm. Both the guest and the property receive notification of the reservation on an email.
  • Free Model: it includes both the deferred and the real time models. During the reservation process the user can choose to enter the credit card data to get an immediate confirmation or wait for the property to contact him directly to either accept or reject his reservation.
  • Payment Model: requires the previous configuration in WuBook of a payment gateway such as Paypal. It will ask for a prepayment during the reservation process.

Initially, the model set by default is deferred. You need to configure the use of credit cards in order to select the model of reservation Real Time or Free Model.


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