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Payment Gateways


WuBook allows you to ask immediate payment of the entire amount or a percentage of it as confirmation of booking, directly from the online reception at the end of the reservation process.

To set up your gateway visit the section


Facility / Facility / Payment Gateway



If payment via gateway is not done by the guest, the reservation is received anyway but in status of waiting for confirmation. Now, if the payment is done the reservation is received as confirmed.

The payment gateway of WuBook supports the following:

  • Paypal
  • Banca Sella
  • Pag Seguro
  • BBVA


Here's how to configure each:




Just enter your PayPal account information (PayPal Mail ID) and you will be able to set up PaypPal as your Payment GateWay provider. You will also need to indicate what percentage of the total amount is required as a booking deposit.

After setting up a payment GateWay in WuBook it allows you to use it in the following ways:

  • As Standard Guarantee of reservations: Every reservation will require and immediate deposit payment through the Gateway.
  • As guarantee of Special Offers: Every reservation of this special offer will require an immediate payment of a deposit through the Gateway.

Warning: if you sell your rooms on various OTA without requiring a down payment, could be counterproductive to demand immediate payment on your site. As you would be favoring the sale through the OTA in which you propose less restrictive conditions.



To properly set up the Gateway Banca Sella, you must enter your User ID in the appropriate field of Banca Sella in the extranet WuBook and be sure to add the following IP WuBook on the configuration page of the extranet of Banca Sella:

Furthermore, on the extranet of Banca Sella, you must add the following addresses to the notifications in your configuration page related to the booking engine:

URL for positive response:

URL for negative response:







Generic Gateway

It is also possible to configure a generic payment GateWay. To do this, you need a professional who has technical knowledge and should refer to the technical documentation.




To properly set up this payment Gateway it's necessary the Unicredit support to activate the

PagOnline Imprese service. Unicredit is required to supply the values:

  • Terminal ID o TID
  • Api key o key signature o ksig

General Gateway

WuBook allows you also to configure a general payment GateWay.

This general payment gateway allows you to receive direct payments for the reservations and the only constant should be specified to WuBooK is the ACK url.

You need only to select the general payment gateway as default system and then open the relevant configuration page, inserting the ACK url and then clicking on "save".



General Gateway Use

When a customer make a online reservation and realize a payment, WuBooK will automatically call the ACK url communicating to it the necessary informations, including 2 fundamental data:

  • OK url, the page where the customer is redirected when the payment is successful
  • KO url, the page where the customer is redirected when the payment is rejected

If the payment is not synchronized (e.g. by SMS or by wire transfer) it' necessary to specify 2 url addresses more: 

  • Ok Asin url, the page where the reservation is confirmed
  • Temp url, the page visualizing by the customer when he is waiting for the payment confirmation

The ACK url replies to WuBooK through the link to whom the customer will be redirected to complete the payment.


Technical Specifications

When the proper ACK url is integrated, the general payment gateway is ready to run; you need only to select it as the default payment procedure.

WuBook will communicate to ACK url the following information::

  • first_name
  • last_name
  • deposit
  • currency
  • currency_iso
  • email
  • city
  • address
  • zip
  • ok_url
  • async_ok_url
  • temp_url
  • ko_url
  • transaction
  • lcode
  • rcode


Just as well, we would clarify that the entire operation is easy but not common and it should be better to get by a technician (with a technical specific knowledges) to do this operation, and provide him the link to the relevant technical documentation.

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