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Reconfigure a channel

Whenever some changes are made to the room associations or the rates on the extranet of an OTA, you should reconfigure the channel on WooDoo, the channel manager, in order to download the upgraded map of associations: it includes the list of the rooms and their rates, and you should associate them afterwards.

The configuration of a channel is an ordinary task that is part of the responsibilities of a WuBook user.

To re-associate a channel, please visit :


From the selected WooDoo channel, you'll have to click on the command Test Params and then on the link Continue to automatically download the list of the rooms and the rates.

You can then proceed to re-associate, but the channel wont restart until all the typologies of rooms inserted on the OTA will be connected to the relative WuBook rooms.

Obviously, the same WuBook room can't be associated more than once.

In order to reconfigure, it's important to proceed also with the association of the rates with the correspondent WuBook rates and restrictions.


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