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Addons and Reductions



These are all extra services/products offered in addition to the accommodation and that can be purchased by the client when making a reservation directly on your booking engine.

There are 2 types of Addons:

  • General Addons: like ski pass, parking, spa, etc

  • Rooms Addons: Like extra bed, baby cot, interconnecting, etc

To create your addons, please visit the tabs:

Facility / Extra


Addons have a validity period. Only clients making a reservation within this time frame will be able to purchase this extra service.

The cost of the addon is not multiplied by the room occupancy so, the client will be asked to specify how many addons of a kind would like to purchase. Also, please note that by adding addons to your offer, there will be an extra step to be completed by the client on your online reception.


In the same way you create addons you can offer reductions. Need only create this extra service and mark it as a reduction so that the system calculates its value in negative.


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