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Pending Reservations

The Pending reservations are looking forward to be assigned to a room.

These type of reservations can come from:
  1. Assign Rooms Types, any room of the requested typology is assigned;
  2. the reservation coming from internet, if in the Internet section, in ZAK AI, you DISABLED the rooms Automatic association modality.

To manage a pending reservation looking forward to be assigned to a room, it is necessary click on the blue house in the reservation box, choose the specific room to be assigned from the available rooms list and then click on Assign rooms.  

Through the asterisk, Zak optimises the planning populated areas "without any dead spaces" suggesting to you the best choice depending on the best joint:

The rooms with:

*** 3 asterisk fill up exactly a planning hole/joint;

** 2 asterisk if assigned, continue and extend the room occupancy;

* 1 asterisk cannot fill up or extend an occupancy.


Attention! A reservation Pending became “Heavy”only when deducts the availability and consequently the pending reservations will be calculated during the statistics production. The pending reservation which are not heavy, instead, will be not calculated during the statistics production.



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