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Planning Settings

Accessing on the planning page (fourth icon of dashboard symbolized by an open book with +, on the page top right just under the property name) there are 4 useful icons to set up your preferences in the planning.


1. Planning help (Question Mark) connects you to present icons legend;

2. Minimize - Maximize allow you to select a visualisation modality tense or extended:

  • Minimize shows more days but fewer details;
  • Maximize shows fewer days but more details (reservation cost, reservation source icon, if the check-in has already realized, possible notes etc) 

3. Planning download allows you to download en excel file with 3 different reports:

  • planning: you are able to see and print the situation displayed on the planning screen;
  • details: you can obtain a paper list useful also to be printed with the daily situation of departures and arrivals;
  • raw data shows the "rough data" of each reservation/room/occupying, especially convenience for the most demanding users who want to create their own statistics or customized reports.

4. Planning settings allow you to modify and customize your planning settings:

  • which days are holidays in your country to be marked differently and make them recognisable;
  • you can select the default customer name on the reservations box;
  • you can set up how many days your planning must show;
  • you can enable or not the "Free Swamp Rooms" only between rooms with the same arrival date;
  • enabling the "Show Prices" option you will promptly see the reservation price in the maximized visualisation modality;  
  • "Recalculate the Price" allows you to set default the price re-calculation if you produce modifications or manual movements on the different reservations (e.g. if you decide to move a client from a double room to a triple room);
  • clicking on "Custom Planning Order" you are able to order the rooms to create a customised visualisation as you wish, moving the black arrows inside the "move" column on the white box of your rooms typologies.

Please do not forget to click always on Save at the end of each modification.

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