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Errors on reservation and original missing


WooDoo channel manager automatically downloads all the reservations received on OTAs and then integrates them on WuBook, thus upgrading the availabilities; but this connections is not retroactive: the reservations received before the activation of the channel will not be downloaded on WuBook, even if they are related to future reservations.

Those previous reservations could possibly be modified or canceled by the user on the OTA when the WooDoo channel is not active. The channel manager, in this case, receives the cancellation or the modification but doesn't have access to the original reservation. These kind of changes are tagged by the channel manager as original missing.

The reservations downloaded from WooDoo and tagged as errors can be seen on the following section:

Woodoo / Reservation Errors

The reservations can be of three kind:

New= new, Mod= modified, Del= canceled

In this section, you can find modification and even new reservations that aren't integrated in our systems because the configuration of the selling on the OTA has been modified with reconfiguring the channel (maybe the reservation or the modification has to do with rooms or rates not associated on WooDoo but still on the OTA), or you can find new reservations or modifications or deletions not integrated because the channel was suspended (for various reasons) or expired.

Sometimes, even if a channel is not running, just for a few OTAs (including we still download the reservations, but we store them as reservation errors.

As for those errors, we give you the possibility to manually “fix” them by those options:

  • Import: you can try and integrate the reservation at any time.

  • Force: a reservation can be integrated ignoring the availability and WuBook restrictions.

  • Ignore: remove the reservation error from the list.

When you receive an original missing, you can get more information about the reservation by clicking on the given code (the code of the OTA, not WuBook's one), while other data couldn't be accessed that way: to see all the information about a reservation you should it on the extranet of the OTA.

The availabilities of the rooms on WuBook will be upgraded manually using Tabla or Sytar. Once done, you can ignore the original missing. For the original missing, it's NOT possible to import or force the integration.

In case of reservations or modifications or deletions not integrated because the channel wasn't running, you can try and import them. If this doesn't work, the availability of the rooms on WuBook can be edited using Tabla or Sytar.

The “Force” command should be used if the importation fails because the configuration of restrictions is not identical to the one on WuBook, even if the channel manager automatically upgrades the data.

This can happen if the channel doesn't support some of the restrictions sent by WuBook.

In this case you can decide to force the integration by ignoring the conflict with the restriction configured on WuBook.


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