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Reservation Details

Clicking on Details (in the menu coming from the reservation name) you can directly achieve to the reservation and you can find:

  • economic details of reservation case by case (room, days, price and list assigned + possible treatments + possible extra + possible additional costs);
  • note of the eventual assigned extra (how manage an extra);
  • possible additional payments manually inserted;
  • reservation amount, total paid and remaining to pay;
  • invoicing (how to manage the fiscal documents);
  • trough "Add payments" you can create a note for possible advance payments or deposit);
  • with "Add a discount" you can issue a discount to the reservation;
  • reservation ID and change status (the status indicates the colour assigned to a room), check-in time;
  • from "Rooms" you can modify the room configuration clicking on the block notes icon (e.g. change occupancy, add possible notes, modify their composition);
  • from "Clients" you can access to their vital statistics and to the data archive (look at insert client);
  • "Reservation Holding" corresponds to "At option until" and allows you to insert a maximum date within which the reservation tumbles if the arranged deposit is not paid. 
  • "Secure Data": the property owner can choose if insert a password (the password Security layer) to guarantee the access to the customers sensible data (CC data) only to password holders;
  • through the "Online Quote" you can send to clients a link thanks to whom they will be able to confirm the reservation, leaving their CC data.

Please Note - All the extra and the add-on are managed by reservation and not by room

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