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Security settings and Administrator password

Zak allows you to manage in complete safety some delicate tasks as for example the customers' sensible data management (cc) or the deletion/modification of a fiscal document.

To enable the Security layer it is necessary to choose firstly a password on "Configuration-Security", becoming next the mainly Zak password allowing you to obtain the Administrator role.

Just remember you do not have to forget it otherwise you may loose the CC data tied to it (you will not loose the reservation just only the sensible data associated to it).

Enabling the security layer, an useful screen is displayed to set up the credit cards accepted by your property or, if necessary, to associate your paypal profile to offer your customers the possibility to confirm the online estimates through a deposit.

After specifying the password and activating the security level from the reservation details you can be able to:

  • utilize "protect info", the function allows you to encrypt or make visible the sensible customers' data;
  • send the "online estimate": you customer can confirm this reservation (through CC as guarantee or rather an advance payment by paypal) clicking on the link you can generate and sending to customer by mail (or by voucher) to the address specified here below. After the confirmation you will receive a reception message with the CC data.
  • on Archive - Invoices, specifying the password on "protect info" you will able to access as Administrator and modify the fiscal documents.

The security layer allows you to encrypt some information or tasks you consider manageable only by one person or by the owner of the password.

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