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3 level Security

In addition to the mainly password and the first specified security level on Security Settings, Zak allows you to set up more security levels in order to assign specific roles and tasks.

These 3 security levels might be convenient if the property staff is numerous and guarantees to you the absolute security on the administrative management of fiscal documents and on  data privacy. 

In order to enable the 3 level Security just go to "Security - Enable the three level security" and choose between:
  • Simple login: without any password you will be able to get a complete access to all the front office features and reservations management. Instead it is forbidden to access to all the configuration and administration features of Zak and of the property in general;
  • Back office login: you are able to configure the Zak rooms and rates, manage the accounting and the invoices but you can not delete the documents or save your researches' results on the computer memory;   
  • Admin login: in addition to the front office management, you are able to manage the credit cards, delete the documents and save your researches' results on the computer memory.

Through the access key icon (on the page upper side, just close to your property name) you are able to specify the various password depending on the purpose you want to develop and on the back office staff.

In order to disable the 3 level Security just click on Disable the security layer.

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