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Your offer on HostelBookers is represented in beds availability (per person model) instead of rooms availability. Meaning that HostelBookers needs to receive your per person information in terms of availability and prices

In HostelBookers you can create the following types of rooms:

         - Private Rooms: Where you sell the total number of existing beds in a room for each reservation.

         - Shared Dorms: Where you sell individually each existing bed in a room.

Either way the availability will be received by HostelBookers in terms of beds and they will then be in charge to make the distinction between one or the other option.

So, for private rooms, the availability will always be a multiple of the number of beds. For example, a private double room will have availability of 0,2,4,6,... but never of 1,3,5,7,...

Is important to understand this because you will need to set up your maximum availability on each room directly on the HB extranet, on the tabs:

Room Setup / Beds&Prices

Attention! If the channel manager sends a bed availability figure larger than the one you previously set up, you will receive an error.

 "Request body contains availability which can not be assigned to the requested room"

This error will suspend the connectivity and you will be notify of the status on your wubook profile under tabs:

WooDoo - Suspended Channels

In the configuration page of HB in WooDoo you will find a chart with 2 configuration fields that will allow you to automatically calculate your "per bed" availability and prices - assuming that, on Tabla you update these figures in a per room model. 

The price decreasing field allows you to divide the total room price by the number of beds in the room. For example, a quadruple room with a price decreasing of 75% and a per room price of 100 in Tabla, will show a per bed price of 25 in HostelBookers. 

The availability factor corresponds to the maximum occupancy of the room. For example, a quadruple room must have an availability factor of 4. This will multiply the per room availability in Tabla by the occupancy figure to obtain the total number of beds available for that room. If in Tabla there is availability of 2 quad rooms; then availability in HB will be 2 (rooms availability) x 4 (room occupancy) = 8 beds available.

You can set these values by clicking on the "auto detect" button and confirm or amend if needed as follows:

- If it is a Single room or if it is a bed in shared dorm then the price decreasing percentage will be 0% and the availability factor 1.  

- If it is a Double Room then it will be 50% and factor 2. 

- If it is a Triple Room, it will be 67% and 3.

- If it is a Quadruple Room, it will be 25% and 4. 

Note: If in Tabla you already offer prices and availability in a per person model then, the configuration of all your room types will be same as the single room: percentage 0% and availability factor 1.

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