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Zak: renewing the services.

You can easily renew the service by accessing the page "Billing" under "Configurations". 

Here, you can decide how much to pay for each service or plugins.


1 year of Zak costs 264 euro + IVA

2 years 264 euro - 12% + IVA

3 years 264 euro - 24% + IVA

while plugins cost 48 Euro + IVA, forever (una tantum). 

To know more about the costs, click here

Making an order doesn't mean that you have to buy. Once an order is created, you can proceed with the payment or modify your order.

In the order, you will find several information: which services you're buying, the cost, banking coordinates (if you wish to order that way) and the identifier of the order.

You can pay with:

  1. Credit Card
  2. PayPal
  3. Bank Transfer
  4. WuBook Coins



By using Coins, it's possible to activate the automatic renewal of the services with upcoming expiration.

By paying with PayPal or Credit Card, the service will immediately be renewed and you'll be instantly billed/invoiced.

If you pay with a banking transfer, you'll need to notify WuBook by specifying the code of the payed order and the bank receipt. If you don't, WuBook may not notice  it before 3/4 working days and, meanwhile, the service may expire. 

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