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Billing Details

You can modify billing details (name of the property, VAT number and such) for WuBook to make the right invoicing. There are several ways to do it.

One Lodging 

If you have one lodging, specify the correct data during the first order. Once specified, your data will be saved for the next orders.  


One or multiple lodging with the same heading

In the case you have one lodging or more with the same heading, you can specify billing data on the Auth Factory, on the right under "Manage your Avatar".


Once in, there a a menu on your left with the option "Information". There, you can set you data; it will be used to invoice you in the future.

Multiple structure with multiple lodgings. 

If you have different lodgings and different headings, the data will have to be set one by one, for each lodging. You can do it by clicking on the following link:


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