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Customer typology

All guests receiving in the property or rather during the check-in process can be inserted on the database throw 4 different specific typologies, useful also to manage the billing

The guest can be classified as:

  • Customer: he is the normal guest, so the physical person who does not need to specify any VAT;
  • Worker: he is guest who needs to specify a third part VAT (whether his company's VAT or a third part VAT);
  • Company: may refers to a travel agency providing reservations and to whom issue the invoice;
  • Agency: may refers to a a company/agency proving reservations and to whom issue the invoice.

The guest typology can be specified both during a new reservation process or modification and during the check-in or check-out process/invoice issuing

In order to modify the customer typology it is necessary to connect on "Vital Statistics" section, clicking on the block note icon on the reservation details, just close to the booker name


and close to the customer name on section dedicated to "insert customer"


Customer automatic management

Zak automatically creates an archive for each customer staying in the property: if the customer already exists (enjoying of property services) the system does not create a new one.

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