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Online Estimate

If the property policy foresees for the CC sensitive data release as reservation guarantee and confirmation, you can utilize the "Online Estimate" form that allows you to send a link to the client releasing the CC data by clicking on it.

The online estimate is available only after the Security Layer activation and by inserting the password that enables the administrator role. In the same page of the Security Layer you should also select the payment methods and the CC typologies accepted by the property.

In order to send the online estimate you simply have to click on the specific section (Details - Reservation, just below the notes frame) in order to generate the link to copy in the email body to be sent to client.

Therefore, your client may confirm this reservation (by CC as guarantee or making an advance payment through paypal) clicking on the email link (or through voucher) to the specified address. After receiving confirmation, you will receive an acceptance message with the CC data which may be encrypted and showed to the administrator only. Please visit the protected info.

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