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Discount Codes or Coupons


These are “secret” codes that include a discount. You can create your own discount codes and make them available to your potential or regular clients (groups or agencies included) to increase loyalty.

These users will be able to use the code in the dedicated field during the reservation process in WuBook to obtain the discount in the code.


The discount in the codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount offered as a WuBook Special Offer.

Agencies or Groups Allotments

You can assign one or more room types to the one discount code. Like this you can make those rooms available only to visitors who have received the code.

Discount code displayed on the Online Reception

If you´d like to use these codes for marketing purposes and would like to include it perhaps on a newsletter to your past guests, you could send it in the form of a link that, when clicked, would access your booking engine with the discount code already displayed.

For this you just need to add to your booking engine link (you can get it from Facility > Site) the symbol “&” followed by the dcode = discount code.

For example, lets say I have created the discount code “amici2000” and the link to my online reception is:

I could then just add the symbol “&dcode=amici2000” to get the link that opens my online reception with the discount code already displayed:


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