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How to reactivate the connection between Zak and WuBooK

The connection between Zak and WuBooK may leaf only in two cases:

1. the services expired;

2. if a structural modification occurs on WuBooK or Zak: addition/modification or deletion of a typology room in one of two systems.

When the connection falls it is necessary to restore it reconfiguring the internet page.

These are the steps to do it:

1. add or remove the new typology room created in one of two systems;
2. please connect to Zak - Configuration - Internet and click on reset the connectivity;

After this operation you should log out from your account and then log in once again, launching the connectivity initialize command (from section Configuration - Internet)

1. associate the rooms again;
2. reservation fetching engine: Running
3. availability engine: Running

4. Please launch the 1 year manual update

If you suppose the connection between Zak and WuBooK leafed for too long and some reservations might be entered by internet, you can go to Reservation fetching engine and click on Import the reservations in order to achieve on Zak all reservations entered during the disconnection.

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