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Deposit Invoice

You can issue an invoice/receipt only for a deposit in order to invoice the remaining total amount through a second different invoice/receipt.

This option is useful to invoice the EXTRA for example or rather a wire transfer received as deposit or even the city tax and finally if you wish to invoice to your guests only the purchases (the addons) to be issued for example to an agency or a channel.

In order to employ the deposit amount it is necessary to insert before the amount to be issued (thanks to "add payment" you can insert the deposit received or rather through "addons" or "extra pricing"  you can insert some possible extra purchases) and then clicking on "Build invoice", choose the document type to be issued, deposit and the payment type.

Clicking again on "Build invoice", before visualizing the document preview, you can choose what really issue:

- you can decide to invoice only a deposit;

- you can invoice an EXTRA, the city tax or rather some addons;

Finally clicking on "Build customer invoice" you can visualize the fiscal document preview to be saved or modified if you wish to add some data.


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