Create your WuBook account

Mutiple Structures

A single WuBooK account allows to manage also different physical properties, or rather not located in the same place.

To add a property, you need only visit the extranet to section:


and look at the bottom, clicking on Add a new property

Once click on the button, a dialogue box will be open asking to put all data related to the new property, then saved.

To move from a property to another one, it is enough to use the menu on the right, just below the language selection, in the WuBooK extranet, and where all your properties and lodging will appear.

NB The creation of new properties behaves the activation of new and different services, not included in the previous fee; this means that each property has to be manages independently, to properly calculate the license (e.g. if you have 2 properties with 2 booking engine, you should install both the right booking engine on the right website and activate and paid the 2 booking engine independently.     

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