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Automatic Message Setup

If the communication with your customers is very important for you, WuBooK has the optional setting of automatic messages, completely customized, following clients through the entire reservation process.

In particular, it's possible to customize the messages that appear in 3 steps:

  • Welcome
  • Reservation Advises
  • Absence of availability 

To customize the messages, you need to visit:

lodging / msgs


Inside the personalized messages area, there are the 3 link through with it's possible to open the relating text fields where input the message.


It's the message appearing when the booking engine is open to make a reservation. It can be maximum 140 characters long-lasting and, as all the other messages, it can be managed on multi-languages, by entering the correct translation in the related field, and then validate it clicking on the little flags.

To set the welcome message, you just need to click on the related link and insert the text in the dedicated field, remembering always to click on the "save" button (on the bottom of the page), when the message is completed, just to confirm the changes and to make them operatives.  


Insert and validated the text, with the right translations (optional), this will be the first information that customers will read when the booking engine is open, like the example here below, close to the hands shaking.



Reservations Advices

It's the message appearing both in the second step and in the final summary of the reservation. It can be a a very useful area to remember the cancellation rules or maybe to repeat the check-in and check-out times. To customize this message, you just need to follow the same process of the welcome message, remembering to validate the procedure through the button "save" on the page bottom.  

Absence of availability

In case of absence of availability for the assigned period or for the room's type requested during the reservation, the booking engine will show an automatic message through with it's possible to suggest different solutions (change period) or to specify the restrictions for the specific period, blocking the reservation.   

For example if the property requires a minimum stay of 7 nights for each reservation, the message is the best way to remember it, just giving a real-time information just to make the reservation process completed. This field is limited to 140 characters as well.

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