Help me! I cannot access to Wubook/Zak!

If you cannot access to WuBook/Zak, you're probably getting wrong with your username or password.

Your username is the WuBooK account code composed by 2 CAPITAL LETTERS and 3 numbers.

Please check to correctly insert the 2 capital letters of your account code and insert the correct lower case letters and the capital letters of your password.

NB. Maybe your Caps lock is activated?


If you forgot your password

To restore your password, just visit:

and please click on "Password Recovery".

Alternatively, you can simply visit this link:


Please specify your username and, in few minutes, you should receive a mail containing all the instructions to reactivate your password.


If you forgot your username

You have to contact us. Before reveal private information, we need to verify your identity and just be sure that we are talking with the WuBooK account owner. Please contact us as soon as possible and we will help you.


If other problems occur

Other problems are very infrequent. First of all, please be sure that your browser is authorized for cookies use, because the WuBooK authentication needs this application. 

You can also try to:

  • Utilize other browser
  • Use other device: a different computer or a tablet ...

If you can solve your problems, thanks to these supports, and you want to reset your computer with your favorite browser, you just need to delete the cookies, close and restart it. 

If you cannot access to your account utilizing other device, please contact us.





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