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Channels Acquisition

It is possible to acquire in complete autonomy each WooDoo channel from the WuBooK extranet section:

WOODOO / Channels


NB: the first two weeks of use of each channel are for free!

In this section you will find the list of all portals that can be connected with our channel manager. The are 2 channel types: official connections and unofficial connections.    

The official connections are marked by the green tick in the "Reliability" column: they are mostly XML connections to portals with whom we have a commercial partnership. On the other side, the unofficial connections are unmarked: they are mostly screen scraping connections to portals with whom we DO NOT HAVE commercial partnership.

We would like to clarify that also the unofficial channels are real channels of the channel manager and they operate in the same exact way (availability updates, prices and restrictions, reservations incorporation): simply, since it doesn't exist an explicit agreement with the portal, if its interface would change in some way, they are not required to advise us and this could lead to connections problems and a possible bug report connection update.

All "channels" impossible to select because the small tick-square is substituted with some icons (e.g. a missile or a small calendar) ARE NOT channels of the channel manager.

Some of them are pre-existent channels that are no longer available usually because the relevant portal has become part of a group for which there is already a channel that acts as the main one: updating the main channel results in the update of all other group portals.

An example is the Expedia group: updating the relevant portal with the only channel to Expedia, the Venere and portals will be updated as well, no longer being available as channels.

The portals flanked by the small calendar icon are some examples of portals which can be updated via the iCal plug-in. This plug-in allows you to update only the rellevant portal with information about rooms availability, showing how many rooms are available but it is not able to update prices, restrictions or to import the reservations.

Requesting a channel usually means sending a request of connection activation sending to the portal that you want to connect. The portal may take a few hours (or even some days) before issuing an authorization: it depends on individual OTA.

NB. For portals like or Expedia you will be able to request and then confirm on your own the connection to the channel manager directly from portal extranet; in this way, the activation process is much faster: in few minutes you can make the channel operative in complete autonomy and without waiting for permission from the portal staff.


How can I suggest a new channel?

If the connection to a portal you're interested in is not yet developed, you can suggest it or vote it (in case it was already suggested) from the section:


Developing a connection with a portal is a job that often takes months and performing the required maintenance on a connection is a continue job: for this reasons, we carefully evaluate any future developments, even thanks to your feedback.



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