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Wutool: booking engine

Being the reservations very important for every receptive activity, it could be useful to analyse its flows: this is why WuBooK produced Wutool, a specific function to examine all the reservations data. 

To access to this function, just visit on the extranet:


Reservations / search


Open the window, it's possible to make fast research by insert specific parameters and obtaining at the same time some economic reports, referring to the selected period.   

The research will be very accurate depending on the number of parameters insert.

In the upper part, you can set the specific period you are searching for, then you can find the following fields: 

  • Code: it's the reservation code
  • Customer: it's a name research (you can also put a part of the name). For example, searching Vanni, all the possible reservations of a Mr. Giovanni Verdi will be considered positive.
  • Status: it's the reservation condition or rather accepted, deleted, deleted with a penalty, confirmed, pending or rejected.
  • Channel: it's the origin or rather OTA (, Expedia etc.) or direct
  • Fount: specifies the  Fount technology source (Trivago, Google, etc.)
  • Read: suggests which research is read or unread
  • Discount: specifies which is the discount applied to a group of reservations


Once all values are set, the system will produce a page containing all counts, exporting also in CSV format for additional processing.

To export the file concerning the reservations wanted, you need only to click on the button "export", preceded by all fields that is possible to include/exclude in the import.




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