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Broom Paper

The Broom paper plug in helps you to manage everything regarding the rooms cleaning. Based on reservations, this tool informs you when there are rooms to clean and suggest you the best cleaning sequence in order to print the task list for your staff.Firstly you can set the default settings for the rooms:

  • Fast settings: allow you to set up the number of days within clean the room when it is empty, occupied and how often clean the bathroom, redo the bed and to whom housekeeper entrust the cleaning for each room TYPOLOGY

  • Detailed settings: allow you to set up the exact days number during witch clean the specific room and not the typology. 

Set up can be useful for you to set up the specification connected to the room according to its occupancy. 

Clicking on SAVE button (in detailed settings) you will be able to save the data included in both screens, then the modifications realized on this table will be applied to each room of same typology on the Detailed Settings table.   

The settings you included during the broom paper initial configuration should be reflected on the daily tasks section, entrusted to the house keepers.  

Clicking on the Daily section icon you can visualize every day each room and the relevant tasks assigned: the colours displayed on each room frame will indicate the settings previously set up. Anyway, on the right of the screen you can find the legend associating the specific task to the relevant colour.  

You can also print the Daily section clicking on "load the day" - Print to obtain the daily tasks' report to then provide it to your housekeepers. Effectively, thanks to the calendar you can be able to consul each day to plan and/or print the visualized situation.

The buttons Mark rooms not clean as cleans and Mark rooms not prepared as prepared allow you to reset the works to execute just in one click.

If you desire to visualize some specific notes relevant to the rooms preparation you can add the notes to Rooms section on the reservation details (second vertical column, on the right of the screen). Just below "Add room" you can find "Set Up Unknown" on the side of a block notes really dedicated to these kind of modifications: clicking on it, you can find a frame dedicated to the Preparation Notes and specifying just here the text (then save) you will read it in the file that you can download from the Daily Section.   

This will allow you to leave specific messages to your governess.

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