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City Tax

If the city tax imposed by the district may be calculated, you can set WuBooK to automatically charge the tax on the stay total amount during the direct reservation, through the WuBooK reservation system.You can manage it from:Facility-Extra-City tax HandlingIt is possible to define different calculation rules and for each rule you can indicate:

  • Stay range: for example if the tax is applicable only for the first 7 days;
  • Price: if the tax represents a day cost or a room cost or rather a steady cost;
  • Per day: if the tax must be multiplied by days (almost for days on the previous range)
  • Adults
  • Children


Sometimes the city tax imposed by the district could be so complex as to be incalculable for WuBook. In these cases, we recommend you to simply indicate on the reservation messages that the city tax is excluded from the reservation total amount.

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